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Life style at Denmark

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In Denmark people dare to think unconventionally. People have a tradition of liberalism and room for creativity and they are eager to safeguard the environment which is reflected in their lifestyles and in the development of sustainable cities.

Arts and Culture

Because of its wealth and prosperity, Denmark is a country with great cultural surplus. Art is often supported by the government and this gives abundant opportunities for artists to develop and express their creativity. But Denmark is also a place where young and untamed culture blossoms in the underground. You find unfinanced graffiti, and street art and cultural festivals based primarily on voluntary work. Read More

Sports and Leisure

The Danes like sports – as participants, spectators and in front of the television. Almost two million actively participate in sports as members of an association. Almost two thirds of all children and young people are engaged in organised sports in their leisure time. Read More

Food and Drink

Overall, in Denmark the traditions observed – and in particular eating traditions - vary greatly between the countryside and the major towns and cities. This is quite clear when one compares what is considered traditional Danish cuisine comprising dishes based on minced meat, gravy and potatoes with more modern Danish cuisine with its emphasis on simplicity and fresh and locally produced high quality ingredients. Read More


In Denmark, great honour is paid to traditions and festivals but without great ceremony Read More

Meet the Danes

Who are the Danes, and what is it like living in Denmark? Explore the universe of articles, videos and blogs about the Danes. Read More


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