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Hospitals at Denmark

The basic structure, how hospitals work in Denmark are completely different from India. They are two types of hospitals, one is private hospital and other is public hospital. I will give you details of both types in details. It depend which hospital a person can attend depends on whether the person have CPR number (personal number will be given when you have residence permit). If you have a CPR you will be assign a personal doctor to every individual. When you're sick you have to call your doctor and take the appointment. If it emergency situation you have to call another number to consultant or attend a doctor. You can find phone number of doctor on your CPR card.

If you are on visiting visa, for some reason you have to consult a doctor. You have to look for private hospital. If you are attending private hospital you have to pay your bills.

Public Hospitals in Denmark

Most hospitals in Denmark are state owned and all residents are entitled to treatment free of cost. When you need some special treatment like operation your personal doctor will assign you to major hospital for that treatment. Hospital waiting lists in this hospital maybe large depend on the kind of treatment you need and how many other patients are waiting to be seen. However, if you choose a hospital outside of your municipality you may be refused entry if they do not have enough beds.

Hospital patients in Denmark generally share a ward with two or three other patients of the same sex. Visitors are allowed into the ward during the hospital's fixed visiting hours and may bring fruit for the patient they are visiting. All other foods must be approved by a member of hospital staff. most hospitals provide a service for parents who wish to stay with their hospitalized child overnight. Parents may also visit their children outside of the regular visiting hours. Most doctors and nurses in Denmark speak at least some English, though you can request assistance from an interpreter if you want to.

Private Hospitals in Denmark

You can choose to visit a private hospital if you wish to, though this may be an expensive option. If you have a private health insurance policy then you may be able to receive private hospital treatment at a subsidized rate. You should check whether you are entitled to this with your insurance.