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Economy of Denmark

Given the natural conditions mentioned above, Denmark is a predominantly agrarian country. Besides the resources represented by the fertile soil, a general believe is that "Children and young people are Denmark's raw material and this belief has evident and positive consequences for the educational system. Counting on such human resources, education, commercial talent and inventivity, Denmark developed a series of industrial branches such as: information technology, biotechnology, software, food industry, environment protection and energy preservation technology (Denmark is world leader in wind mills energy). The seas surrounding the country allowed the development of fishing industry and naval constructions or services.

Danish economy is based on small and medium-size companies (77% of companies have less than 50 employees) and in the most typical organizational structure there is only one owner who often is both investor and manager. A very popular product category in Denmark seems to be food & beverages products. Danes love and prefer local products which are also researched worldwide for their recognized qualities. It is relevant that a small country as Denmark is the 5th exporting country in the world for this category and the food sector seems to be the most developed branch of industry.

But the most important sector of the economy is the services area with 70% of the labour market, which is relatively similar to the rest of the Western countries. The main services categories are: tourism, naval transport, insurances, software, banking, entertainment, cleaning and maintenance.