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Learn Danish Language

There are plenty of opportunities to learn Danish in Denmark. There are long courses run during the academic year, short intensive courses and summer courses offered before the beginning of the semester. Depending on your needs, time, interests and prior qualifications, below are the following main options

  • Courses at Danish higher education institutions
  • Programmes and courses offered by the local council
  • Private language schools or classes offered by private language teachers.
  • Courses at the 'Folk High Schools'.

Generally, people (Immigrants and refugees) 'prefer courses offered by the local council'. The local authorities are required by law to offer courses in Danish language and culture for foreign residents. The ministry of education sets the standards and regulations for the various language courses and tests and authorizes the individual language schools to offer specific courses and examinations.

The local language schools offer courses at all levels. Which level you join will depend on your prior qualifications. The courses usually have 18 lessons a weeks. Some schools offer more intensive courses.

Please click read more for information of the Language schools in Denmark.Read More